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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Intuitive Coaching Sessions


Transform your life with  intuitive coaching and receive answers to your questions and clarity. Let’s bring you to a place of loving yourself more and more.  Allow yourself to gain the clarity and insights to help you on your path.  You can receive your session in person or phone. Intuitive coaching uses a variety of techniques in methods that I have been trained in or intuitively guided to use.  Your session will focus on tuning in to your situation and seeing what solution is for your highest and best.  We’ll focus on you and where you are in this moment to achieve your true desires in accordance to your highest and best good and coaching you to help you reach the best solution in that moment.

Let’s connect! When scheduling an Intuitive Consultation/Reading-Payment is required in advance.  Once your payment is sent, you may schedule your appointment. Please send me your contact information through the Contact Me page with the type of phone reading that you would like to have.   You will be contacted once payment is received to discuss what is to be addressed.

If you are in the Indianapolis area, and would like to have an in-person reading,  please contact me through the Contact Me page to schedule an in-person reading.   Payment is due at the time of service.

Let’s create a new you!  Embrace and love yourself! Allow yourself to be treated and gift yourself a reading!

Please select an option below.  Payment is due prior to service.  Once payment is received, we will be contacted to set up an appointment time and date. Thank you!

Prices are the same for in-person sessions as well. Together, let’s bring in the best for you!

Intuitive Coaching Packages are available.  Contact me for pricing.







In love and gratitude!