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Here are some of my favorite links.  Please see the listing below.  I like them because of the inspiration, products available, resources, and information.  Enjoy!

www.hayhouse.com This website offers so many useful products, affirmations, and wonderful authors, of course, Louise Hay’s website.

www.angeltherapy.com, of course, this is a part of the work that I do!  Doreen Virtue is over this site.  She is awesome as well.

www.centerofpeace.com (one of my teachers locally and a friend) Marilene Issacs is a wonderful teacher, powerful healer and intuitive.  She is also an excellent healer of animals.

www.mm2y.com   This is special to me because of the teachers.  I received my Psychic Intuitive certification through MM2Y, and Mediumship certification is in progress.  These ladies, Melissa Frei and Brittany James, are excellent teachers.

www.metaphysicalrealm1.com This is a website that offers wonderful crystals for sale.  Deborah Burton, the owner,  is reputable and genuine, and she has offers a variety of crystals.

www.peacefrombrokenpieces.com Iyanla Vanzant is the owner of this site.   She is an amazing author and teacher.  This website offers lots of healing a growth as well as help with putting your life back together when all things look to have fallen apart.

http://wviiaadores.wordpress.com This is the website of a colleague, Zorrah Mock,  please check it out!

www.abrahamhicks.com I really enjoy the insights offered by Esther and Jerry Hicks along with Abraham.  They offer many helpful techniques for getting into the vibration of attracting your desires along with many other wonderful products.

www.waynedyer.com Dr. Wayne Dyer has so many inspiring books, meditations, and lectures that are excellent tools for self-healing, growth, and motivation. I really like listening to his soothing, yet powerful voice.

www.healingcrystals.com This website provide many wonderful crystals.  Check it out!  They offer great service as well.

http://thehealingplacethatcares.webs.com This is a fellow intuitive reader’s website.  Check it out!  She provides excellent service.

www.yourhigherself.massagetherapy.com This website belongs to a friend and also my Reiki teacher.  She is very talented in energy healing work.   She also practices Shamanic Healing.   Her massages are the best!  She incorporates healing in her massages, which makes them even more healing and effective.  She is in the Indianapolis area.

www.yourhigherselfemporium.com  This website is a store that has many great products.  It has some items for sale for spiritual purposes also.  Check it out!

www.giftedgoddess.com  This is a website that is filled with empowering information.  My friend Lena is the owner of this website.  She offers life-changing courses and classes as well as great information and tools on healing and goddesses! Take a look!